What contributes to a successful exhibition stand?

4th May 2016

We were recently asked what are the 3 main factors that contibute to a successful exhibition stand and what would you choose as the most engaging promotional giveaway at an event by Event Hosts Staffing Agency http://www.event-hosts.com/ check out what we had to say below: (you can find the full article @ http://www.event-hosts.com/event-planners/)


Exhibition stands are one of the most complex marketing tools of all, a great platform for communication and acquiring new customers but getting the balance between an impressive looking stand and a coherent one can be tough.


So in answer to your first question:

  1. The layout of the stand is very important, too much advertising, too many interactive tools and too many stand staff can scare potential custom away but too little can also have the same effect. The stand should always reflect the company’s corporate identity and visitors should know at a glance the areas in which the company operates.
  2. Employing the best staff on the stand, not so much the case with smaller companies as the people on the stand have probably prepared the company’s presence at the exhibition but with larger companies who have employed external staff, each stand member should receive a written briefing well in advance so they know the identity of the company and the goals for the exhibition, they should also receive a face to face briefing before the exhibition starts.
  3. Call me old fashioned but smile and have fun while being professional, with potential customers spending on average between 30 seconds and 3 minutes on a stand, you could talk to over 100 people in a day, make sure you show the same energy and enthusiasm to the first person you spoke to, to the last person you speak to as that last person could be your next big client!


Second question: I used to be a fan of the USB stick with presentations on, I have plenty in my bag still but now people store documents in the cloud. So for me I think the best give away is the mobile device charger, we all spend a lot of the day on our phones and if you’re busy at an exhibition your phone battery will be on 50% by lunch. So a thoughtful and practical gift that can be used again and again exposing your logo every time it’s used to them and others around them.


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